How Changing Women will use your photos and information 

I intend to have all the photos linked to this blog using Flickr Photos.  The concept is to flood the internet with as many images of real women as possible, to promote the positive image that women have of themselves and in turn change the unrealistic and unachievable image of women that is often portrayed in the world.

What will happen if you choose to supply your photo?

  • You must give written permission for your photos to be used before they are used by this forum for posting online;
  • If you choose to supply your photo I will issue you a unique ID number and this will be emailed to you from;
  • You will need to verify your permission via return email;
  • ID numbers are linked to your details, but this information will NOT be publicly available, it will NOT be onsold or supplied to any other party;
  • The information that you supply will only be used to authenticate your permission to use your photo online by this forum;
  • Only your first name and your home city will appear when your photo is published online by this forum;
  • I will issue a unique GROUP ID for any Group photos.  The group name and group’s location will be published online;
  • This forum will not accept or publish photos from persons under the age of 18 years;
  • This forum will not accept or publish nude or pornographic photographs or images of any sort.

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