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Is the ‘mummy culture’ undermining feminism?


I don’t know if I am the only one that has noticed, but there seems to be a distinct rise in what I would call “the mummy culture’ amongst young mothers, at least in Australia.  They look fantastic, exercise regularly, cook up a storm,  have a man’s man for a partner, they can be stay at home mums or career women.  What ever way they all seem to have some things in common.

They follow each other in packs on Facebook and twitter posting and tweeting numerous photographs of their little ‘bundles of joy’ for all to see.  Their world seems to revolve completely around raising their children but, I think, in a slightly different way to they way women of older generations raised their children.  Here are a couple of characteristics that I have noticed;

  • They are the of the ‘new traditionalist‘ model, think “Bree’ from “Desperate Housewives‘;
  • They spend time perfecting female gender stereotypes.  They like cooking, cleaning, looking after the family and basically being the ‘perfect mumma’.

I am interested in doing some research on this to see if it really is a new phenomenon, so please take part in this poll to voice your opinion.  Are these ‘mummas’ undermining the work of feminists or are they just capitialising on the ‘choice’ that feminism has given them?

Thank you for taking the time to respond to the poll.



Can you see the TWEET button at the bottom of this post?


Please help me to see if anyone can see the TWEET button appearing on this post by completing this quick poll.  I love this wonderful wordpress theme, but can not get it to display the tweet button and support is telling me that it must be my browser.  I would very much welcome your comments.