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My ode to Menopause.

My lips are thinner now than before.

Still red with gloss, and still hunger for,

they are sensuous and inviting.

To love, to loss to kiss and not,

wise words pass these lips

but no longer pouting nightly.

My uterus has dropped and belly sagged,

I never thought it would be this way.

Pro lapsed perhaps, but not forgotten

a release from things no longer gotten.

My babies grown with lives so proud

you can’t miss me in – I’m around!

My thighs are thicker than they need to be,

but they carry a more substantial me.

Men. Oh pause!  See me now and reflect

The Changing Woman so perfect!

High heels have long away

to a purposeful stride and knowing way.

My breasts have dropped to their rightful place

no less important than my face.

Why do we call it men-o-pause?

We don’t pause in our sexuality

or, our care for all humanity.

Don’t neglect us now we have bloomed

Surely we have not lost so sooned?

Oh.Men. oh pause,

It is now that we are!  So this, so soon?

Reflect or play, we are here to stay.

Some men, now pause not knowing what to say

for no longer do I slink and sway.

After all, some think my time has passed

but here I find myself

At Last!

Original poem written by Susanne Moore November 30, 2011


Real Women – really being comfortable


I am looking for “real women” whose body has changed due to childbirth, change of lifestyle or menopause who would agree to have their photo of them in their most comfortable clothes added to the #changingwomen website. Please email your photo to or subscribe to this blog for more information.

Comfy, yes but let's see them on real women

If you google “comfy clothes” you  will see lots of examples of women wearing comfortable clothes, but what you don’t see is a REAL WOMEN wearing comfy clothes.  Many are model size women wearing something that looks comfortable, but I want to show how we can wear clothes that fit across your slightly larger tummy, or your slightly expanded hips or your slightly broader back.

 Only your first name will be used on the photo when loaded onto the blog and your personal information will not be passed on.  



Skirts designed to fit your body shape


Susanne Moore Skirt

If you just want to wear something that looks good and is comfortable, have a look at these new skirts designed by me, Susanne Moore. I have designed clothes for the Changing Women after becoming fed up with the choice of clothes for women whose body shape has changed over the years. Sick of being uncomfortable so that you are in fashion and look good? I observed that no matter how fit I was, or how much exercise I did – I had to accept that my body shape had changed and I no longer had the straight, no fat body shape of a model. I have noticed that this can also happen to women whose body has changed due to pregnancy, menopause or aging and I am sure other life changing events as well. Read the rest of this entry