Oh my god I’m even doing it!


c. 1622-1625

c. 1622-1625 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday as I was driving home from the shops I saw a lady in her late 50’s walking in the street and she was wearing a black t-shirt type top with the back of it being like a black mesh material that you could see through.  It was a nice top and looked great from the front but when the lady turned around so I could see the back, I immediately thought, gosh, she shouldn’t be wearing that!  I thought it because I could see some rolls of fat through the mesh.  Not because she was fat, merely because as you get older you do carry more weight and your bra starts to cause a bulge and you generally have some bulge’s on your back just above the waist.  All normal stuff but not acceptable in the female form in contemporary society.

And then I caught myself!!!!!  What am I talking about?  What made me think this way?  Then I realised that even though I talk about women accepting their body shape and women’s equality all the time, I am still affected by what is expected as an acceptable female body shape.  Then I thought to myself, why shouldn’t this lady wear these clothes and proudly show off the body she has that has probably borne children and lived.

Perhaps that was what she was thinking too.  I hope so.


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  1. I’m learning to like the larger me. I was always the scrawny girl that ate junk food and never gained an ounce. Then I turned 30…..workouts….diets…..then I turned 40….eh, it’s not so bad.

    • Its a bit of a journey but is severely hampered by the constant body images in the media that are not only unrealistic for most, they don’t take into account real beauty. Not the stuff that comes from within, I mean learning to appreciate bodies because they exist, they function and changing our views of what ‘sexy’ is. Thanks for your comment, as the song says, “you are beautiful in every single way”.

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