“Does the focus on flexibility and Childcare impact job hiring practises” – Coffee Break Discussion


Coffee Break Discussion’s are aimed at promoting positive discussion on women’s issues with the goal of exploring positive solutions in a relaxed group discussion setting.  These facilitated sessions typically go for 40-60 minutes in your workplace.


“Does the focus on flexibility and Childcare impact job hiring practices”.

Does a ‘parenting’ family friendly focus serve to screen for more traditional females and therefore help to build feminised work segments. Ie: women in supporting roles. There is some research already that suggests that family friendly cultures promote far greater gender diversity but that wider socioeconomic and socio-political forces are the culprit of an increase the wage gap.

Coffee Break Discussions are aimed at promoting a dialogue on issues shared by women in the workplace.  The discussions help to build community and cohesion and help women to feel valued, encouraging self awareness and expression with like minded people in a relaxed environment.

To host a Coffee Break Discussion Group at your workplace – contact Susanne for more information



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