More Language Talk – Content is KING and Gender Stereotyping Ads


King chess

King chess (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Isn’t it interesting how we don’t stop and think often enough about the language that we use and what that language actually says about what we are saying, in terms of the underlying meaning to the words and phrases.  The term “Content is KING” is a very male and one that is not gender inclusive.

So if content is King, then what are we actually saying?  Is it that content management and the success of good content is based on masculine terminology or is it simply that a King is the most powerful?  Media advertising often uses very macho descriptions of things like ‘feel the power’, ‘stand out from the pack’ or ‘win that race’, etc to make a point about their products ability to stand out from the rest.  Its slightly aggressive but can serve to be a differentiator.  It would be great to get our marketers to think more about the terms that they are using because I think that this underlying exclusivity portrays a bias and continues to promote gender stereotypes.  It is subtle, but it is there none the less.

I also think that if women really sat down and thought about what they are hearing, they would see that much of the masculine vernacular doesn’t appeal to them. I am not saying that women need to have things expressed in ‘feminine’ ways, but what I am saying is that the language could be more inclusive and less based on old expectations of how men and women behave, and what their aspirations are.

I find that many advertisements on television and many television programs still actively promote a female gender stereotype that plays into the masculine view of women as supporters.  Changing Women can do something about these types of gender biased marketing campaigns by simply not buying the products.  Consumer’s have real power and since women are usually treated as mere consumers, let’s use this power and make an impact.  I regularly tweet about advertisement that I find are gender stereotypical, here are a couple of examples;

14 Aug @NESCAFE perpetuating the stereotype of older man much younger women in their latest ads #gendersterotypingads

 11 Aug @VirginAtlantic can we have an ad with a female pilot in the front next time? #gendersterotypingads



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