Be vigilant – equality and your rights can slip away


Be vigilent

Be vigilent

Remain vigilant and never assume human rights are protected forever! This is such an important message and it applies everywhere not just Muslim countries. We don’t need to look to far to see that many policies even in the western world are trying to wind back equality for women. Recently the new Pope was reported as saying men are the leaders of the church and a women’s role is as the ‘supporter’. Many US states are trying to repeal domestic violence laws and putting in place policies that take away a women’s right to choose (contraception and abortion), or are putting in place policies that make it difficult for women to access affordable contraceptives.

In Australia we still have some draconian ideas about child care and equality with some policies and taxes making it harder for women to easily return to work because they are penalized by the tax system as the ‘second’ income earner.  Meaning that for many it is hardly worth going back to work.  Many older woman like me have been trying to raise this issue for sometime, but the problem is that so many younger women think they already have equality.  But take note of this photograph, if it does not scare you, then it should.


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