by Rita Banerji

“It was so disrespectful! In our days we wouldn’t dare approach the Chief Minister or President’s house like a band of howling hooligans!”  This was a comment made by one of my parents’ family friends, in context of the student uprising in the aftermath of the brutal gang rape and murder of young woman in Delhi.women at rashtrapati by vividtimes_z

In response I told her, that I was amazed at how courteous the young people in the Delhi protest had been.  Because as a student in the U.S., every protest march that I had participated in, made a stop in front of the President’s house, as it made its way to the steps of the Capitol building.   And we did not mince our words or swallow our anger.  We expressed those with our demands, as we believed we were entitled to.  I remember standing in front of the White…

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