How nice to read this, see if you can see the difference.


Today I received the usual WordPress update into my email in box and  I must say I look forward to receiving these because they always contain some great handy hints that I can use on my blogs.  So this one was no different, except in the language that it uses.  See if you can pick up the difference.

Your Unique Visitors

by Jeff Bowen

For all of you stats junkies — you know who you are! — we’ve added some holiday cheer to your Stats Page. In addition to the number of views your site receives, you can now keep tabs on how many unique visitors come to your site, all on a single, easy-to-read chart.

A visitor is a unique user or browser/device that views one or more posts or pages on your site. When your friend checks out your site from her laptop and then again from her phone, that’s two visits.  If she clicks on four different posts, that’s four views.

read the rest of the article here


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