Is wearing flat shoes the new bra burning of feminism?


Recently I was sitting in a train carriage on the way into the city for a meeting and 12 out of 20 women were wearing flat soled shoes!

I thought that maybe this was just a coincidence or maybe they were on their way to work and would change into their heels when they got to work. So I decided to sit in the foyer of a large corporation at morning tea time (about 10am) to see if the trend continued. To my surprise, almost 2 out of every 3 women that walked past me had flat shoes on and it didn’t matter if they were in a suit, or casually dressed. I was not counting sandals or thongs in my mini survey, just closed in shoes. About time I thought, some sense is prevailing and then I thought “maybe this is a reaction to patriarchy just like the bra burning of the sixties”. What do you think? And for a laugh, I have attached a link to one of my recent post’s,  “Have you seen yourself in those Heels?”



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