I am collecting phrases and words that, if we change how we use them and change there meaning will change the world! Examples are, ‘babe’, ‘chick’, paternity instead of maternity and many others.


From Jody, via Changing Women on LinkedIn

Let’s change “stay at home mom” to “stay at home parent“. I am a mom and the working parent in my household. This makes the title applicable to dads as well as moms and helps us change the attitude that if one parent stays home with the kids it doesn’t automatically mean its the mom.

Good idea Jody, “Stay at home PARENTS – I will add this to the list!  You are so right.  The current term discriminates against men who choose to stay at home and will help to change attitudes.  Interestingly, I am in correspondence with a men’s group in India who are trying to ‘change women’ by getting them to accept that men can do traditional female roles!  We take this for granted in the western world, but fathers and husbands in India are having a tough time convincing women to share the traditional feminized roles of carer, primary parent and stay at home manager.  They argue (and rightly so I think) that women need to accept that men can do these roles as well as women and this action will help the fight for the equality of women because men will start to accept their own ability and responsibility.  They currently feel hindered by the enormous cultural pressure and history of women as carers, supporters and primary parents and feel that men that choose to express themselves in using the stereotypical (soft) ‘female attributes’ are being discriminated against by feminists.  It’s an interesting discussion and I am currently encouraging them to join our Changing Women.org site so we can start to discuss each issue one at a time.  It is vitally important, I think for those of us who have a voice to help those who want a voice to be heard.


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  1. Very well said. I think men can do this role just as well as women if given half a chance. Unfortunately it is usually the woman’s career which gets sacrificed for family, since she usually gets paid less, even if both are in the same field.

    • Too true, but I wonder if this is because women don’t stand firm enough? Why not insist that the father sacrifices their career instead? Or, maybe women hesitate to give over the responsibility for child care to men because they worry that they no longer have a role? I know in my mothers and her mothers day, once the children were grown, the women often felt like their life had come to an end much like the traditional male issue of feeling lost when retiring from the workplace. Being honest, if given the chance I would like to have a husband who earned heaps of money enabling me to stay at home with my blogs and other good things, instead of having the pressures of the corporate world. We seem to put too much emphasis on what we are doing rather than what we are and recognizing our full potential. Thanks for participating in the discussion.

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