Kimberly – A Changing Woman


Kimberly Seabrooks

Welcome to our latest Changing Women.  Kimberly Seabrooks.  Kimberly is another inspirational Woman of Change!  She runs a fantastic blog called the LadyRomp Inspiration Network with a similar message and vision to  It is so great to see women all over the world embracing their shape, their inner beauty, their strength and using their inner power to change the world one women at a time!

Kimberly is 47 years old and holds a Bachelors degree in business from Northwood University in Midland, Michigan.  She also has a 30 year old son who graduated from Yale University in 2004.  Kimberly is the oldest of 3.

Kimberly says;

LadyRomp is an inspirational blog for the  empowerment of women. My name is Kim Seabrooks and  I have truly come to the conclusion that my purpose in life is to help women find their way in this big old world that we live in. I want women to embrace their power, beauty and knowledge to turn the world upside down. We have so much to give and when we are supporting and guiding each other that makes all of our power resonate.

I have a segment on my blog that I call, “Inspirational Woman Of The Day”, and on that segment I am highlighting more well known women, but my ultimate goal is to use women who are not so well known. I want all women to see that if it happened for her, it can happen for me too.

So what I would like you to do is tell me your stories, so we can inspire women from all walks of life and let them know that making it happen is possible for you too. Send me your stories to my blog at: It’s the place where women meet.

Lady Romp


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