Use the joint power of the Changing Woman


As a Changing Woman we all have the power to change the world around us, but Imagine for one moment the power we have if we harness that power jointly. I have always believed that a mothers love could literally move a mountain if we just knew how to harness the power. I still don’t know how to do that, but I know that as women we currently make up the majority of the worlds population. I also know that women have an indirect impact on the global economy by simply being a consumer. If harnessed, this joint consumer power can move those mountains and send strong messages to organisations and policy makers that behaviour, board structures and government policies need to change.

It has been difficult to get women into senior roles and leadership positions in many countries and although there has been some improvement in enabling the voice of women in decision making, we still have a long way to go. This is also a slow method of change, and must continue, however what I am suggesting is wider ranging change that could happen much faster.

For example, does your local supermarket chain have female board representation? Females most likely make up the largest consumer base as a group for all supermarket shopping and they certainly aim their advertising at women, so they should have female representation on the board? I don’t mean a token female who has a law degree, I mean a real women, perhaps an organised mum that successfully gets kids off to school on a daily basis, ensures the house is running and generally ties the family together. This is the sort of experience that we need to see in decision making forums!

Is there an organisation that really annoys you? One that makes decisions that are detrimental?

If we are going to be seen as ‘shoppers’, then let’s shop strategically. Let me know what product or service annoys you and let’s jointly put our consumerism power together and boycott them!


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