Its so easy to send a message


View from the 74th floor of Q1 looking north a...

View from the 74th floor of Q1 looking north across Surfers Paradise. Taken on January 10, 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Watching the television tonight I noticed an advertisement for the Gold Coast, Queensland (Australia) to hear the catch phrase, [the Gold Coast]”where men wear shorts and women wear  bikini‘s”.  The message I guess is appealing, a great place to go to see lots of girls in bikini’s, a place for lots of sun and a relaxed atmosphere – the beach, sun and sea, a place to have fun.

The underlying message to our young girls is different.  Whilst the ‘boys’ can be relaxed in their shorts, ready for fun and dressed for action, the ‘girls’ still need to be appealing.  They need to be sexually attractive, they need to be fun loving but stay sexy.  Am I too harsh?  Picture yourself wearing a comfy and relaxed pair of shorts for a moment.  You are comfortable, you can run, you can walk, you can sit on the floor with your legs stretched out, you can do manual work, you can play sport, you can drive a car, you can get on a bus, you can eat in a restaurant.  None of these messages to the men say that they need to be sexy at the same time.

Now picture yourself in a bikini.  It’s a different picture and it carries with it a different message.  Look sexy, look your best, be appealing, be attractive, have a swim or sunbathe on a towel but look good.  In a bikini your movements are much more restricted than if you were wearing shorts.  Girls look on whilst the boys do action stuff.

There is an underlying message sent to young girls and to young boys.  Boys are ready for action, but girls need to look sexy.  Boys are ready for action and the girls are there to be looked at.

We all like to look good, but how often do you think about why.

and the message to be sexy goes on and on….

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