The Mother of all Roles


This fantastic job was advertised on on May 11, 2012 in amongst all the other executive roles on SEEK.

Here is what the ad said;

The Mother of all Roles

  • Enjoy a huge stretch
  • Moderate financial reward, enormous personal satisfaction
  • Continuous learning

Working crazy hours across your two offices, you will be on call 24/7 for at least 18 years. Commencing with one, or even two direct reports, your team may grow over time, but that’s entirely up to you and your co-director.

As a new starter in this role you’ll be expected to keep all the balls in the air.  You will find many experienced professionals providing gratuitous advice which you will screen with a warm smile and a sharp mind.  Within just a year or two of commencing in this role you will have created your own leadership style.  You’ll learn an enormous amount of your skills on the job and your team members will thrive under your outstanding organisational skills.

KPI’s of success include:

  • Multi-tasking
  • Meeting seemingly impossible deadlines
  • Mastering ‘just in time’ management
  • Some skillful bribery may be required
  • Legal but precision driving skills

The organisation has a family style environment but it can be tough when things become time critical. Past office holders have experienced times when they have barely coped with the demands of managing work across the two offices. At these times, the organisation recommends a mini-break and a team meeting with your co-director and team members. Hiring a contractor to help get through the daily workload will likely lead to a constructive solution.

You’ll be regularly celebrating milestones with both your own team and their colleagues.

Candidates without previous experience in the specific role are invited to apply as the sector recognises your gargantuan contribution.

Remuneration: Remuneration on offer is typically not as high as the ultimate satisfaction of two jobs well done.

nexthire has declared Monday May 14 to be Working Mother‘s Day – to celebrate their commitment and achievements. For further information visit

Nexthire salutes Working Mothers this May.

I thought that this job description was so well written, that I rang nexthire to find out more, knowing that it was a role description of a mother. Kate, from nexthire, said that they placed the ad primarily to celebrate Mothers Day, but also to promote the business. She said that nexthire had a number of ‘working mums’ in its workforce and this was a good way of drawing attention to their contribution.

The really interesting part of this story is that a number of people applied for, or inquired after the role. Some of them were men so I wondered what attributes of the role most interested people. Kate couldn’t supply the details due to privacy so it is left to us to speculate, but maybe the implied job satisfaction was a great motivator.  She thought that the people who applied might be embarrassed and I wondered why they might be.  Is it because they fell for a PR exercise and not a real ad, or is it that some of the men would be embarrassed to find that they had applied for a ‘female’s’ job – that of being a mother.

What a great world it would be if people were happy to apply for jobs like this one and that they were not gender specific – that is:  that men and women could accept that both men and women can be ‘mothers’, or at least already have the attributes of a mother which they can apply at will.

Thank you to nexthire for giving Changing Women permission to reprint the ad here.

About nexthire

nexthire, formerly known as final5, uses the latest in recruitment technology and techniques to deliver quality, screened shortlists within 10 days for a flat fee. It does not charge placement fees. nexthire delivers targeted and well executed advertising campaigns to attract the right candidates, specialised candidate briefing to meet your brief, and a qualified shortlist of candidates ready for interview.

For media information contact:

Kate Lewin
Media Relationsnexthire


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