Things are changing in women’s fashion


Some fantastic developments in women’s fashion – things are changing!

One of the main objectives of this Forum was:

To promote realistic design paradigms for women’s fashion by working with designers to recognise the Changing Women’s body.  Enabling comfortable stylish clothes for women will help more women to “Embrace their Shape” and to live free of the pressure of the fashion industry and media.  Let us change the model of what it is to look like a woman!

Susanne Moore Skirt

Susanne Moore Skirt

Many of you may remember the skirt that I designed in early 2011, well now many other well known designers including Armani, Country Road, George Gross, Harry Who and Karen Millen have come up with designs based on the same concept!  This means that someone has been taking some notice of what women want.

We want stylish yet comfortable clothing that is easy to wear and have some ‘give’ so you don’t feel like you are in a straight jacket!  My skirt has an expandable waist band and stretch material down each side for added comfort when you are sitting in the office all day.  It is lined and really comfortable to wear.  I designed and made it because I as I got closer to menopause just couldn’t get comfortable in most of the clothes that I had and just wanted to wear track pants and loose clothes the whole time.  At this time of your life, your weight changes almost daily!  I found that I could wear this skirt all day with a pair of black tights, be comfortable and still look good. You can buy my skirts online at In the Bush at the Beach.

Many of the skirts and pants that are designed for bigger women, or older women (like me), whose changing body is now wonderfully curvy, have high elastic waists.  They often come up very high over your stomach and when you sit down make a big bulge.  Many designers think that they need to make the design so it comes up and over your tummy, but this just results in the skirt fitting tightly at the top and in some cases it just cuts into you when you sit down.  What we really need is a waist band that is soft and wide and sits just under the belly button.  This is tricky, because too wide and the band will roll, to thin and it will cut into you.  If you are like me and are not big but still have a belly bulge, you don’t want anything on your belly, nothing tight and nothing that makes any bulge at the belly line.

George Gross and Harry Who, a well known Australian design group have embraced the shape of ‘real women’ and have a similar skirt for winter (Print Jersey 23 inch Rouched Skirt)  that provides a little more room in the hip area whilst still providing a slim fit look.  It also has stretch side panels and the waist that sits just under the belly button for maximum comfort.

Karen Millen, England has something similar, her high waisted skirt gray, see above far right.  Notice the same stretch material down the sides and the slim waist band.  This is a higher waisted skirt and without trying it on, I can’t tell if it would be comfortable.  It is interesting that many skirts of this style has shown up this season.

So great news!

Thank you to Briana at George Gross & Harry WHO for supplying the photo’s.


George Gross & Harry WHO online store

Karen Millen online store

Susanne Moore skirts available at In the Bush at the Beach online store


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