Different or made to be different?


Playing Soccer

Just watched a couple of adult mixed touch football games, (men and women). Interestingly, from the sidelines in the stands the men and women all looked the same.  They were all wearing the same uniform and it makes such a difference in perception. You suddenly don’t think about ‘he’ or ‘she’ and how they are playing based on their sex or gender stereotype.  They all looked the same, all equal so you have to just judge them on how they play and not how the played according to them being male or female.  The women ran just as fast as the men, they kicked and tackled just the same, in fact everyone looked the same.  Closer to the action, you could see who was who, but even then some of the women were just as tall as the men and some of the men were just as short as the women.  It was so refreshing to just see ‘people’ playing on a level playing field.  All being competitive, yet having fun at the same time.

As women, have we purposely differentiated ourselves so much,  that it makes us seem so different to men?  Could this be one of the things that results in such different treatment to men?  Interesting.


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