My ode to Menopause.

My lips are thinner now than before.

Still red with gloss, and still hunger for,

they are sensuous and inviting.

To love, to loss to kiss and not,

wise words pass these lips

but no longer pouting nightly.

My uterus has dropped and belly sagged,

I never thought it would be this way.

Pro lapsed perhaps, but not forgotten

a release from things no longer gotten.

My babies grown with lives so proud

you can’t miss me in – I’m around!

My thighs are thicker than they need to be,

but they carry a more substantial me.

Men. Oh pause!  See me now and reflect

The Changing Woman so perfect!

High heels have long away

to a purposeful stride and knowing way.

My breasts have dropped to their rightful place

no less important than my face.

Why do we call it men-o-pause?

We don’t pause in our sexuality

or, our care for all humanity.

Don’t neglect us now we have bloomed

Surely we have not lost so sooned?

Oh.Men. oh pause,

It is now that we are!  So this, so soon?

Reflect or play, we are here to stay.

Some men, now pause not knowing what to say

for no longer do I slink and sway.

After all, some think my time has passed

but here I find myself

At Last!

Original poem written by Susanne Moore November 30, 2011


About susannemoore

Social Commentator, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Founder and Consultant Gender Economics and Diversity Economics. Founder of the Changing Women Forum and The Female Investor Network. Gender Economist and Sociologist and researching the "Profit Impact of Organizational Gender Diversity Programs", chair of the Centre for Gender Economics,

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  1. A well observed poem Suzanne, it’s definately the start of women’s ‘new age’, not always the end of things. When I look back, I believe the time since my Men-Oh-Pause ended (10 years ago) has been the most stunning, bringing huge changes in my life, attitude and feelings. Rather than staring at a downhill slope of old age, it’s an exciting time, as my life has started over. I now find myself with more independence of thought action and deed, with no-one questioning why I’m doing what I’m doing. I can be supportive, but no longer a doormat, compromise comes but only on my terms, I’m not afraid to ask for what I want.
    During this period, I have learnt more truths about men than the rest of my life put together! They have my sympathy and support, it’s been a slow transition from being cavemen! We are definately the luckier gender, in so many ways. I recommend we count our blessings and enjoy what we have.

  2. Thanks Sousa! What great thoughts, I am so glad that you can share them with us. For so many women, it seems like the end, and it did for me too – for a while, but not now. It really is the time to put all that you have learn’t over the years into practice. An experience of real freedom.

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