Grace – A Changing Women


Grace Sydney 2009

Welcome to Grace, our latest Changing Women!  Someone who will no doubt also be known as a Women of Change!  Grace is now a contributor to the Changing Women forum, so look out for her posts.  Here is a little about Grace in her own words:

“Hi, I am Australian and I have been living in Paris for nearly four years. I am an English teacher and also studying a degree in Primary Education. I am angry and upset at the sexual harassment I (and many other women) suffer every day and I hope to channel my anger into making positive changes in our society about the way women are viewed and treated.

I’m feeling a little frustrated at the moment and maybe you could give me some advice. I’ve just ordered a million books (and read a few of them already) on feminism, women’s rights, sexism in the media, equality, how we can make changes to public policies like parental leave etc; I’ve joined heaps of great feminist websites and blogs and found and watched fantastic documentaries.
I’m feeling so supported suddenly after feeling quite alone in my feelings that all this ‘wasn’t right’ and it’s so great to know there are others out there that want to see big changes….but what can I do? I feel like if I lived in Australia I’d be starting marches and protests and getting the message out there but I do feel that living in France (and not speaking good French) that I really don’t know what to do.  Any advice on this would be great as I feel like I”m just discovering this [what to do for positive change].

Hopefully I will have some influence over attitudes towards equality through my work with children! I am tired of being labelled aggressive or a trouble-maker if I speak up against sexism or discrimination, which is just such an every-day and normal part of our society. How can it have become the norm? I’m hoping to find a positive way to speak out, and hopefully make some kind of a difference.”

I am sure that Grace would welcome your comments, and particularly comments and ideas from those of you in France.  The more we positively discuss the issues around equality (for everyone) the more things will improve.  If you would like to have your profile and photo’s featured just as Grace has, please fill in the Contribute form, we would be so happy to share your story on Changing Women.

Here are some more snaps of the gorgeous Grace!

Thailand 2011

Summer 2011

Summer 2011

Laos 2011


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