Looking for prize donations for T-Shirt Design Competition


T-shirt & jeans

Looking for prize donations now so that I can offer to young designers to come up with an alternative to the T-Shirt for a #changingwomen body shape.

T-Shirts are so versatile but have you noticed that as your body changes and your tummy is not as flat, the old T-Shirt doesn’t look as good as it used to?  You can wear a super baggy T-Shirt or a mens size but it just isn’t the same is it?  I love T-Shirts and wear them to bed, going out with jeans and just hanging around at home, but many of them are just not comfortable, or that flattering.  Since the advent of elastine, T-shirts seem to have become more fitted, which is great, but do you find that they ride up and you have to keep pulling them down over your hips?

This is because they are not shaped for a body that is changing – they are designed to fit a model figure which has no lumps and bumps, is straight up and down with not much in the way of curves.  Tank tops and singlets are the same.  I recently designed one for myself that is much more roomy and shaped for the real woman.  When it is off it looks shapeless, but when it is on it is fantastic!  It has more room under the arms and is longer than the norm so it doesn’t ride up and give you a feeling of constriction.

So I am looking for prize donations that would be suitable to offer to young design students in a competition to come up with a new T-Shirt design.

If you have any ideas or would like to give your time or donate a prize, please contact me now!


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