We are so Important – don’t under estimate your value!


Woman are so important to the world – you are so important to the world.  We as women are creating new leaders every minute of every day whether that be you, your partner, your children, someone in the street of your workmates, we are the ones that make a difference and can change the world.  You are the one that can change the world by using your woman power, your maternal-ness, your gentleness, your steadfastness, your faith and hope, your determination and your love.  Women are the changers of the universe, not just the followers of men – the supporters and leaders of others, the encouragers of the young, the carers of the old and the feeble and the lovers of the men that change the world.

We are woman and we are truly great!  Let our real story be told, here and now and let us support and lead change that the world so desperately needs.  Let the older women tell the stories to the younger and let the younger show the older the way forward.  It is not just famous women that change the world and make a difference, we are all making a difference every day, but our stories are not being told.  We need to tell the stories of all women to rewrite history and change the future.

Contribute to the forum now and make a difference.  Tell your story.


About susannemoore

Social Commentator, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Founder and Consultant Gender Economics and Diversity Economics. Founder of the Changing Women Forum and The Female Investor Network. Gender Economist and Sociologist and researching the "Profit Impact of Organizational Gender Diversity Programs", chair of the Centre for Gender Economics, www.gendereconomics.org

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