Off The Sidelines | Kirsten Gillibrand: Off The Sidelines


US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

You may see this as a political movement to help Gillibrand, there are some great messages here about the women’s movement. “Skilled, savvy women can rescue our sagging economy” is an article by Gail Sheehy that talks about Kirsten Gillibrand asking women to get “off the sidelines” and take their place in economic change.

It is pretty amazing that woman make up at least half of the population yet we still have less direct impact on decisions than men across nearly all spectrums of society.  In Australia we constantly hear that women make up only a very small percentage of board roles and senior executive roles and women’s salaries still lag behind those of men for the same roles.

Women are often portrayed as mindless consumers who can be controlled and manipulated by the media and this is particularly clear in the advertising industry who proactively manipulate images of women to sell products.  Women can contribute to the economy more positively than by being a mere consumer and change workplaces for the better, in turn improving business performance if we embrace them.  Currently there is an enormous untapped resource in the economic society that is not being utilised and if we can better harness the potential of women as Gillibrand outlines in her speech it will make a positive impact on our economies.

Key issues raised by the Gillibrand article are that women (in the US) earn only 78 cents to every man’s dollar and only represent 16% of all fortune 500 executive board roles and this is in one of the most advanced democratic economies of the world and sadly the figures are not much better in Australia.  The women’s movement is no less important now than it was thirty years ago and we risk slipping back even further on parity to men in the workplace if we don’t make a stand now and encourage younger women to remember the journey started by the Suffragette‘s and Feminists and learn to develop new positive strategies for advancement of women which will also advance humanity.

Off The Sidelines | Kirsten Gillibrand: Off The Sidelines.



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