“Stop the Bitch Talk” – Coffee Break Discussion 1


This is the first of our Coffee Break Discussion topics aimed at promoting positive discussion on women’s issues with the goal of exploring positive solutions in a relaxed group discussion setting.

Make a difference by;

  1. Hosting a Coffee Break Discussion Group at your workplace – contact Susanne for more information
  2. Discuss your ideas on the forum – you will need to register first
  3. Write an article for Changing Women – contact Susanne for registration details

“Stop the Bitch”

Women are known to be bitches, we are called a bitch by both men and women, we refer to ourselves as bitches and some women are proud to be a “bitch”. Any women who steps outside the “norm” and dares to be different to the way that society thinks a woman should behave, are sometimes referred to as a bitch, but we don’t refer to men in the same way. We still don’t like strong women. These are the ones that stand up for themselves, they know themselves and will speak their mind when they need to. This coffee break forum seeks to explore positive strategies to stop the bitch culture in our society.


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