Can you see the TWEET button at the bottom of this post?


Please help me to see if anyone can see the TWEET button appearing on this post by completing this quick poll.  I love this wonderful wordpress theme, but can not get it to display the tweet button and support is telling me that it must be my browser.  I would very much welcome your comments.


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  1. I saw your forum thread about this and can reproduce the bug in IE8. I don’t have any add-ons and am using Comodo antivirus on Vista. Screenshot here, if it helps.

    It shows up fine in the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

    • thanks sooo much for taking the time to respond with so much detail! If you have seen my support thread’s then you will understand my frustration. I really appreciate your response, it REALLY helps! I will at least be able to direct support to this page once I get a few more comments like yours. thanks again!

  2. Hello Susanne. Thanks for your very interesting blog, I really love some of the ideas you have in here. I’d like to retweet the posts but I also can’t see the tweet button. Is it hidden or something?

  3. Here is another comment, this time from IE 8. I never upgraded to IE 9, as I did not trust that it would work perfectly and there seemed no need to upgrade.

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