Changing Women – Your clothes don’t fit the same now you are older?


We all know that our body shape changes over the course of our lifetime and for women it just changes and changes and changes and changes.  No sooner have you gotten past one milestone, like child-birth, when your body is changing shape again to cope with menopause, or your changing body may have changed due to a new lifestyle!

Your body may have changed for lots of reasons, but apart from gaining and losing weight, your real body shape changes as your life changes.  Most clothes are designed to fit a body shape that has no bulges, is straight up and down and pretty much straight out of the box as far as design goes so if you have a few extra kilo’s or just had a life changing experience like giving birth or menopause they don’t always fit comfortably anymore.  During pre menopause you seem to gain weight every week!  I know that I just keep going through clothes and sizes for a year despite rigorously exercising and being on a controlled diet, my shape changed despite my weight staying the same.  Finallyl my weight stabilised.  This is very frustrating because this is one of those times in your life when you really feel like crap but you still want to look good.   You are already going through so many changes and now you have to give up your favourite clothes as well!

In desperation, many of us turn to the comfort alternative, but many of these clothes are designed to fit bigger women, but many of these clothes just make you look shapeless and don’t give you the style that makes you feel good – so too often you chose between comfort or slightly uncomfortable but stylish.  I have a small frame so these types of clothes just overwhelm my body, making me look even more rounded and frumpish than I already feel!

Having observed other women as well as taking examples from my experience of a changing body, I decided that there was another alternative so I am designing a new range of clothes to fit the changing women.  I want to hear your opinion’s about what makes clothes comfortable or uncomfortable for you.

We all continue to wear clothes based on the current thin flat body shape design model and I want to shift that design model to a new one.  Here are some examples of what I mean about the current design model:

  • When you buy a nicely fitting T-shirt with cotton and added elastine for comfort – do you find that it keeps creeping up over your stomach towards your bust-line and you have to keep pulling it down?
  • Do you find that shirts don’t seem to have enough give in the back shoulder area and when you go to the next size up its then too big in the bust or too long in the arms?
  • Shirt buttons that gape at the bust line – many shop attendants tell us to “just put a press dud in there to hold it together”

I have observed lots of these issues over many years and decided to design a range of women’s clothes for changing women that will help cope with these issues whilst still remaining stylish and comfortable.  We all want to be comfortable but still look good, and we all have days when we just can’t bear to put something tight on our stomach, so how would it be if you could feel comfortable and look good too?

Please let me know what you think, I would be very pleased to hear from you. 

Susanne Moore – Changing Women,

embrace your shape!


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