Changing Women is the broad name for what will be a set of programs provided by the Centre for Gender Economics and Innovation™ (C4GEi™).  The Centre has four elements – a Research Repository for original research on gender economics; the Diversity Performance Review Framework™; Consulting services; and Programs.  Other programs we want to develop will cover Investing for Influence, and Understanding Finances.

Changing Women will focus on leadership, changing the language of conversations, changing men (!), and others. I’m passionate about the contribution that women can and should make – and don’t because of a range of barriers, including women’s own perception of their place and worth.

Having worked in the corporate environment surrounded by men for most of my career, I have seen that the most successful women are the ones that use their innate woman-ness, to carry themselves in all situations.  These are the women that stand for all the great female qualities that we ALL have.  The qualities I am talking about are the ones that we most often see displayed by women, but I believe these same qualities are present in men; some just need to learn to tap into them.  The sort of female qualities that I am talking about are:

  • empathy
  • intuition
  • resilience
  • grace
  • dependability
  • calmness
  • warmth

but there are many others.  I have often thought that if we could harness the collective power of mothers protecting their children, we could literally move mountains. I believe that we could do it because we have the memory of how to do it locked deep within each of us.  If we can learn to tap into this strength then the world will change.

If you would like to nominate yourself or another “Women of Change” please contact us via the CONTRIBUTE link.

Susanne Moore

Founder Changing Women